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What happens during an Operation Color consultation?

An Operation Color consultation is easy and fun!


A colorful painting done by the owner’s child sets the background wall color for a collection of vintage mason canning jars.

Step 1: Prepare Before the initial appointment, you gather pictures from  magazines, books and websites that you like as well as color swatches you’re thinking about.

Step 2: Meet We meet during the day at your home or business and tour areas, discuss your color preferences, what works/does not work, long-term goals for use of the space and discuss furniture and accessory items you are considering purchasing for the space.

Step 3: Select Using large paint samples, I carefully select one to three color palettes for your project.

Step 4: Deliver I provide an individual room or exterior schematic drawing/write up to show location of specific recommended colors, paint brands, and sheens. I can also order complimentary color sample cards from the paint manufacturer, if available, within 1-2 weeks and have them mailed to you.

Considerations for Interiors

  • We look at highlighting existing architectural details, furnishings, artwork, collections and accessories to create focal points and visual impact using color, lighting and design suggestions.
  • I advise on color and design to minimize less desirable, problem areas that are difficult or not in the budget to change.

Considerations for Exteriors

  • I analyze adjacent properties, existing hardscape/landscape and style of home – whether traditional, contemporary or a specific historic period.
  • We look at enhancing of existing and natural focal points, architectural details or possibly creating an interesting exterior focal point using color and design suggestions.
  • I advise you on how to minimize less desirable, difficult to change hardscape or landscape elements using color.
  • I give suggestions on how to enhance curb appeal with exterior accents and new or existing color coordinated plantings.