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Questions & Answers

Why do you charge a higher hourly consulting fee? Many stores & contractors offer design services for free.
I do not represent any paint brand, paint contractor, general contractor, furniture, cabinetry line or product company, therefore I can give you quality unbiased color & design advice for your project.

You said you charged by the hour but I noticed that you didn’t charge me for part of the time we talked?
I like to get to know a client first as a person and learn about what is important to them before the actual consultation.

I can’t afford to hire someone for this type of project
You can’t afford to not hire a color consultant.  By saving hours of your time purchasing and testing out the wrong paint color & finish, let alone hiring a painter to discover it looks bad you have already spent much more than one consultation.

I just want to repaint my living room and it seems silly to hire a professional for something rather basic – white, off white or beige are fine.
There are hundreds and hundreds of whites, off-whites and beige colors included in the various paint lines. White, off white and beige are fine, but do you really want just “fine”? With an Operation Color Consultation you can turn your home project into something that reflects who you are, shows your cherished possessions in a more enhanced way and also gives you creative design ideas that you may have never considered? Remember your home reflects who you are as person and what’s important to you.

Why can’t we meet after work during the evening?
Color is greatly affected by light quality and it is important to see the colors in the daylight verses evening shadows and artificial light. Interior light also varies whether natural daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or LED light.

Why should I bother to put together photos and pictures of things I like before the consultation?
It is a much more productive and cost effective consultation if I have an idea upfront of your likes and dislikes ahead of time so I do not waste your time discovering important things later on.

My painter wants me to use a particular paint brand but you recommended something more expensive.  I’m on a budget. Shouldn’t I go with the more affordable one?
Each paint brand offers different colorations – some have much more colors choices to select from. Paint contractors purchase paint in bulk and have commercial accounts. Some brands have higher mark ups than others or are greatly discounted to contractors. Part of how they are paid is with the paint markup, which is fair way to do business. Paint quality, however, is also important. If you select a cheaper paint grade, it may be necessary to have more than one coat to achieve the desired look, which only adds to the expense.

Why do you emphasize green design, energy efficient lighting and the more expensive Low or Zero VOC paints, I already have adequate lighting and some low VOC paints are rather spendy why should I bother?
Low or zero VOC paints are becoming the norm in the painting industry. Not only has the quality improved in recent years, but they are also safer for you, your family, your home/workspace, the painters, and the environment both during and after the painting process.

Creative re-use of older, great quality building elements, furniture, décor, textiles, vintage or other accessory items for design and display can be a great alternative to buying something new. They can help to save money, promote local use & businesses, reduce landfill debris & associated pollution and save on production & shipping expenses associated with newly manufactured products.

The old style Incandescent light bulbs as we know them will be replaced with more energy efficient versions starting in 2012 as specified by the US Department of Energy in the “The Energy Independence and Security Act” (EISA) signed in 2007. It is wise to see the impact of new alternate green lighting sources, such as CFL’s and LED’s and how they affect your interior coloration. They additionally save you money on electric bills in the long run and are much better for the environment. Here is a link to California’s stricter version of the federal mandate: http://www.energy.ca.gov/lightbulbs/lightbulb_faqs.html














You said you charged by the hour but I noticed that you didn’t charge me for part of the time we talked?